(Osaka-Kansai International Symposium on Catalysis)

October 26 (Fri) - 27 (Sat), 2018

Multimedia AV Hall, Shobunkan, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan
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Organized by "Kinki Chemical Society of Japan"

We cordially invite all of you to participate in the 2nd Osaka-Kansai International Symposium on Catalysis (OKCAT2018), which will be held at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan from October 26-27, 2018. The symposium will include plenary, keynote and invited talks in addition to poster presentations.


Plenary Lectures:

Prof. Satoru NISHIYAMA (Kobe University, Japan)

Prof. Jia-Yaw CHANG (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

Prof. Ding MA (Peking University, China)

Prof. Wen-Yueh YU (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Prof. Sung-June CHO (Chonnam National University, South Korea)

Keynote Lectures

Prof. Shinya HIGASHIMOTO (Osaka Institute of Technology)

Prof. Kentaro TERAMURA (Kyoto University)

Prof. Masanobu HIGASHI (Kyoto University)

Prof. Takashi KAMEGAWA (Osaka Prefecture University)

Invited Lectures

Prof. Yu HORIUCHI (Osaka Prefecture University)

Prof. Atsuhiro TANAKA (Kindai University)

Prof. Kojiro FUKU (Kansai University)

Prof. Akira YAMAMOTO (Kyoto University)

Poster Presentations

Now open for abstract submission

Program (→Japanese link)

October 26th (Fri)

10 : 00 - 10 : 10 Opening Remarks
10 : 10 - 11 : 30 Short Oral Presentation (Introduction of Poster Presentation)
11 : 30 - 12 : 30 Lunch
12 : 30 - 13 : 00 Poster Presentation
13 : 00 - 14 : 00 <Plenary>“Process Intensification in Catalytic Reaction Engineering”
Satoru NISHIYAMA Professor, Kobe University
14 : 00 - 14 : 20 <Keynote>“Selective Alcohol Oxidation via TiO2-Interfacial Surface Complex under Visible-light Irradiation”
Shinya HIGASHIMOTO Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology
14 : 20 - 14 : 40 Coffee Break
14 : 40 - 15 : 40 <Plenary>“Development of Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic and Biological Application”
Jia-Yaw CHANG Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
15 : 40 - 16 : 00 <Keynote>“Efficient CO Production from CO2 and H2O by the Aid of Artificial Photosynthesis”
Kentaro TERAMURA Professor, Kyoto University
16 : 00 - 16 : 20 Coffee Break
16 : 20 - 17 : 20 <Plenary>“Water Gas Shift Reaction over Au/MoC Catalyst”
Ding MA Professor, Peking University
17 : 20 - 17 : 40 <Keynote>“Surface-modified Metal Sulfides as Stable H2 Evolving Photocatalyst in Z-scheme Water Splitting System with [Fe(CN)6]3-/4- Redox Mediator under Visible Light Irradiation”
Masanobu HIGASHI Professor, Kyoto University
18:00 - Banquet

October 27th (Sat)

9: 30 - 10 : 30 Poster Presentation
10 : 30 - 11 : 30 <Plenary> “To and Fro between Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Science”
Wen-Yueh YU Professor, National Taiwan University
11 : 30 - 11 : 45 <Invited>“Development of Visible-Light-Responsive Metal-Organic Framework Photocatalysts Directed to Water Splitting Application”
Yu HORIUCHI Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
11 : 45 - 12 : 00 <Invited>“Photocatalytic Reactions over Metal Plasmonic Photocatalyst under Irradiation of Visible Light”
Atsuhiro TANAKA Professor, Kindai University
12 : 00 - 13 : 00 Lunch
13 : 00 - 13 : 30 Poster Presentation
13 : 30 - 14 : 30 <Plenary>“Tuning the Low Temperature Catalytic Activity of Cu-SSZ-13 over NO SCR: Control of Al Content and Acidity”
Sung-June CHO Professor, Chonnam National University
14 : 30 - 14 : 50 <Keynote>“Design of TiO2-based Thin Film Photocatalysts for Superhydrophilic and Superhydrophobic Coatings”
Takashi KAMEGAWA Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
14 : 50 - 15 : 05 <Invited>“Design of Fe-typed Layered Double Hydroxide for Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Fenton Process”
Kojiro FUKU Professor, Kansai University
15 : 05 - 15 : 20 <Invited>“In-situ XAFS Observation of Hydrogen Atoms Adsorbed on Platinum Nanoparticles in Propylene Hydrogenation”
Akira YAMAMOTO Professor, Kyoto University
15 : 20 Closing Remarks

Registration Fee

Category Fee
10,000 JPY
Regular 12,000 JPY
Senior (elder than age of 66)
 2,000 JPY


Deadline September 28th (Fri)
Web site
  • Poster presentation should be given on both 10/26 (Fri) and 10/27 (Sat)
  • The size of the poster board is W180cm×H90cm (shared by 2 students)
  • All students must give short oral presentation to explain the summary of research with 2 min 30 sec
  • English is preferred for oral presentation
  • Posters must be described in English
  • “Outstanding Research Award” will be awarded to some selected presentations on the closing ceremony“


Deadline October 12th (Fri)
Web site
Contact Info. 〒550-0004 大阪市西区靭本町1-8-4 近畿化学協会触媒・表面部会
TEL.06-6441-5531 / FAX.06-6443-6685
E-mail : catal@kinka.or.jp

Organizing Committee

Chair: Hiromi YAMASHITA (Osaka University)
Vice Chair: Tsunehiro TANAKA (Osaka University)

Kohsuke MORI (Osaka University)
Yasutaka KUWAHARA (Osaka University)

Tsunehiro TANAKA (Kyoto University)
Ryu ABE (Kyoto University)
S. Higashimoto (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Hiromi YAMASHITA (Osaka University)

Treasurer: K. Mori (MicrotracBEL Corp.)

Advisor Board:
H. Yamashita (Osaka University)
R. Abe (Kyoto University)
N. Ikenaga (Kansai University)
A. Ueda (AIST)
M. Ono (Kanden Engineering Co.)
H. Kominami (Kindai University)
K. Jitsukawa (Osaka University)
T. Sugimura (University of Hyogo)
T. Tanaka (Kyoto University)
S. Nishiyama (Kobe University)
T. Hashimoto (Nippon Shokubai Co. Ltd.)
M. Hanaya (Tosoh Corp.)
S. Higashimoto (Osaka Institute of Technology)
M. Matsuoka (Osaka Prefecture University)
H. Matsuda (Daicel Corp.)
T. Miyake (Kansai University)
K. Mori (MicrotracBEL Corp.)
K. Yamamoto (Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd.)
H. Yoshida (Kyoto University)

Local Committee:
M. Sano (Kansai University)
K. Teramura (Kyoto University)
S. Hosokawa (Kyoto University)
H. Asakura (Kyoto University)
M. Higashi (Kyoto University)
O. Tomita (Kyoto University)
T. Kamegawa (Osaka Prefecture University)
A. Tanaka (Kindai University)
T. Mizugaki (Osaka University)
T. Mitsudome (Osaka University)
Y. Ichihashi (Kobe University)
K. Taniya (Kobe University)
M. Takeuchi (Osaka Prefecture University)
Y. Horiuchi (Osaka Prefecture University)
A. Yamamoto (Kyoto University)