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Design and Application of
Structurally Advanced Materials
and Reliability Evaluation Project
Functional Device System
Integration Project to
Create Intelligent Artificial Objects
Design and Development
Project of Materials for
Biological Reconstruction
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Stepping on world-class results such as the "Discovery of a new structure magnetic dot memory" and the "Discovery of Fe-Pt magnetostrictive substances", next generation functional devices used to control various intelligent artificial objects including humanoid robots and micro-machines, and their integration technology will be built.
知的人工物創成のための機能デバイス・システムインテグレーションプロジェクトConcretely, by carrying out the development of special materials that can be used in very highly integrated magnetic memory elements, high performance electro-magnetic conversion elements, ultra-functional semiconductor elements, magnetostrictive actuator elements, high sensitivity sensor elements, etc., and evaluation of the materials, and by further performing development and surface evaluation of highly reliable nano-electronics assembly process for these materials and elements, development of a new nano-joining process and evaluation of its reliability, building of systems for ultra-rapid processing and transmission of large amounts of information, and their evaluation, an integrated production design system will be established, for materials, function and reliability.
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