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構造先進材料の設計・実用化と信頼性評価プロジェクト"Development of lotus-type light-weight porous materials", "Development of ultra-strong materials at ultra-high temperature by organization direction controlling silicide", "Establishment of welding technology in space under zero-gravity", Development of an electron microscope with the fastest acceleration voltage in the world and nano-level structure evaluation", "Observation of point defect forming process at the highest positron annihilation resolution in the world" and "Establishment of method to evaluate rotation and surface defects due to magnetic anisotropy and materials' lifespan" are the first results in the world that were obtained in research groups representing our Center.

 Through this leading track record and the recruitment of super-elite candidate students of post-doctoral courses, young scientists and foreign researchers, control of structural fluctuation at atomic level, ultra-miniaturization, multi-layering and porous technology will be used to carry out control of organization spanning from nano- and mezzo- to micro- levels, development of novel light-weight ultra-strong materials by alloy design, design and joining process development, and construction of production systems, for the design and application of structurally advanced materials capable of sustaining utilization in a special environment.
構造先進材料の設計・実用化と信頼性評価プロジェクト In addition, using high resolution position annihilation method, nano-level structure evaluation method and lattice defects detection method by magnetic anisotropy, which are materials analysis methods proper to our Center, materials reliability evaluation is performed, and by feeding back the information and using high performance high reliability materials analysis method, material reliability evaluation is performed, and by feeding back the information, fabrication of high performance, high reliability materials is carried out. Concretely, fabrication, process development and system building will be performed, of novel materials, dream aerospace materials with self-repairing activity and mechanical function under extreme environments and ultra lightweight energy-saving high-speed transportation apparatus to begin with.
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