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Project of Materials for
Biological Reconstruction
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Stepping on cutting-edge research results such as the "discovery of nano-ion crystal array that reflect mechanical functions in bone tissues" and the "discovery of a new method to evaluate hard tissues regenerated by regenerative medical bioengineering", development and design of materials for biological reconstruction that promote auto-regeneration of various biological tissues, as well as induction of regeneration, and development of the production process will be performed.
生体再建材料の設計開発プロジェクトConcretely, development of ceramics and macromolecules that possess adequate sustained cytokines release activity, creation of porous Ti alloy that has functions similar to or better than biological hard tissues, and apatite-conjugated materials with excellent biocompatibility, finally, clinical applications such as artificial bone, artificial joint, artificial dental root, etc., will be the objectives. At the same time, development of a special X-ray analysis device will be carried out for evaluation of biological functions.
To advance the present project, active recruitment of graduate students of super-elite post-doctoral course in medicine, dentistry and biology will be carried out.
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