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Projects for Advanced Super-Elite Researchers

Financial aids for Doctoral Students:

Scholarship funds provide salary/stipend supports for doctoral students as research associates, who are evaluated as candidates of "Super Elite Researchers" in order to encourage their independence and self-awareness as professional researchers; decisions of candidates and weighted allocation are to be evaluated, based on research-plan proposals and interviews.

Application-based research grants for young researchers:

This research grants provide doctoral students and young researchers (postdocs) with research funds to promote independent research environments (open laboratories); the grant recipients are to be evaluated in a competitive format based on applications.

Special invited-lecture project by world-noted outstanding researchers:

This invited-lecture program provides special and frequent opportunities to experience international research environments at our COE site by implementing intensive English courses (lectures, debates, presentations, and advices on paper-writing skills) by famous visiting instructors secured by our 21st Century COE Program (Phase I).

Advanced Overseas Training Project:

This project provides doctoral students and young researchers with opportunities for long-term research assignments to overseas outstanding institutes ("Global Materials Research Alliance") based on bilateral agreements with institutes with their focus on materials research.

Advanced Boomerang Project (Domestic expedition project):

An international training program shall be linked with partners of international research centers in Japan (e.g., International Center for Young Scientists at National Institute for Materials Science.), and through the acceptance of young researchers from overseas.