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Training of Young Researchers

Generally, materials are recognized as the basis of the manufacturing. Without materials innovations, it is almost impossible to establish "Global-Top Nation in Manufacturing". In order to establish such a leading nation, it is absolutely significant to foster young and creative researchers for emerging new materials science and engineering. This is our basic motivation for this Global COE Program (Phase II).

Thus, on the basis of the fruitions successfully attained so far in both educational and scientific programs already achieved in our 21st Century COE Program (Phase I, the highest score was marked in the interim evaluation), we will upgrade the programs to the next advanced steps; i.e., formation of our COE as a Leading International Center for materials education and research. To achieve this objective, we will implement innovative research and education programs and carry on the assets in the 21st Century COE Program (Phase I). In addition, we will promote tight cooperation with world-noted outstanding institutes. For effective implementation of the programs, our COE activities are arranged on the basis of the following "Borderless" concepts; (a) Borderless among Research Fields: To transcend the conventional frameworks in the fields of materials engineering based on materials, functions and phenomena. (b) Intergenerational Borderless: To actively hire young promising researchers and to provide independent research environment and grants. (c) Borderless between Nations and Institutions: To establish close collaborations with research institutions inside and outside of Japan, and to implement joint education and research programs.

Regarding the points for fostering young researchers in Global COE Program (Phase II), we will maintain and develop three unique COE educational programs in our 21st Century COE Program (Phase I), while at the same time the educational programs will be strengthened for further internationalization (acceptance of overseas students and young researchers).