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Name HIROSE Akio
Affiliation Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering
[concurrent post] Center for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design
Job Title Professor
E-mail E-mail
URL http://www.mapse.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/w2/index.html


Bachelor of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University
Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Assistant Professor, Osaka University
Visiting Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Associate Professor, Osaka University
Professor, Osaka University

Research Keywords

Intelligent Manufacturing Process

Research Themes

Joining of Dissimilar Materials with Controlling Interfacial Microstructure, Materials Fabrication using Nano-particles and Nano-structure, Micro Joining in Electronics, Laser Processing of Materials

Academic Societies

ASM International, Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging, Japan Laser Processing Society, Japan Light Metal Welding & Construction Association, The Japan Institute of Metals, The Society of Materials Science, Japan, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, The Japan Welding Engineering Society, Japan Welding Society, The Japan Institute of Light Metals, Japan Welding Society


Current Publications

Synthesis of submicron metastable phase of silicon using femtosecond laser-driven shock wave, M. Tsujino, T. Sano, O. Sakata, N. Ozaki, S. Kimura, S. Takeda, M. Okoshi, N. Inoue, R. Kodama, K. F. Kobayashi, and A. Hirose, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.110(2011), 120163

Low Temperature Sintering Bonding Process Using Ag Nanoparticles Derived from Ag2O for Packaging of High-temperature Electronics, A. Hirose, N. Takeda, H. Tatsumi, Y. Akada, T. Ogura, E. Ide and T. Morida, Materials Science Forum, Vol.706-709(2012), pp.2962-2967

Partitioning evaluation of mechanical properties and the interfacial microstructure in a friction stir welded aluminum alloy/stainless steel lap joint, Tomo Ogura, Yuichi Saito, Taichi Nishida, Hidehito Nishida, Takumi Yoshida, Noriko Ohmichi, Mitsuo Fujimoto and Akio Hirose, Scripta Materialia, Vol.66(2012), pp.531-534

Evaluation of interfacial bonding utilizing Ag2O-derived silver nanoparticles using TEM observation and molecular dynamics simulation, Tomo Ogura, Masumi Nishimura, Hiroaki Tatsumi, Naoya Takeda, Wataru Takahara and Akio Hirose, The Open Surface Science Journal, Vol.3(2011), pp.55-59

Nanoindentation Measurement of Interfacial Reaction Layers in 6000 Series Aluminum Alloys and Steel Dissimilar Metal Joints with Alloying Elements, Tomo Ogura, Keisuke Ueda, Yuichi Saito and Akio Hirose, Materials Transactions, Vol.52(2011), pp.979-984

Effects of Zn-based Alloys Coating on Mechanical Properties and Interfacial Microstructures of Steel /Aluminum Alloy Dissimilar Metals Joints Using Resistance Spot Welding Keisuke Ueda, Tomo Ogura, Shumpei Nishiuchi, Kenji Miyamoto, Toshikazu Nanbu and Akio Hirose, Materials Transactions Vol.52(2011), pp.967-973

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 5000 Series Aluminum Stud Joints with Zn Insert Using Friction Welding, Taichi Nishida, Tomo Ogura, Mitsuo Fujimoto and Akio Hirose, Materials Transactions Vol.52(2011), pp.960-966

Dissimilar Joining of Aluminum Alloy and Steel by Resistance Spot Welding, Kenji Miyamoto, Shigeyuki Nakagawa, Chika Sugi and Hiroshi Sakurai and Akio Hirose, SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, Vol. 2(2009), pp.58-67

Effects of Copper Alloying on the Bondability of Dissimilar Joints of Aluminum Alloys to Steel, Yuichi Saito, Hidetaka Umeshita, Tomo Ogura and Akio Hirose, Quarterly Journal of JWS, Vol. 27(2009), pp.187s-191s

A novel metal-to-metal bonding process through in-situ formation of Ag nanoparticles using Ag2O microparticles, Akio Hirose, Hiroaki Tatsumi, Naoya Takeda, Yusuke Akada, Tomo Ogura, Eiichi Ide and Toshiaki Morita, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol.165 (2009), 012074