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YASUDA Hideyuki

Name YASUDA Hideyuki
Affiliation Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering
[concurrent post] Center for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design
Job Title Professor
E-mail E-mail
URL http://www.mpd.ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/


Research Keywords

Solidification/crystal growth

Research Themes

Solidification/crystal growth process of metals, alloys and an oxides, Electromagnetic processing for materials, Development of thermoelectric materials/devices

Academic Societies

ASM International, American Ceramic Society, MRS(Materials Research Society), TMS(Minerals Metals Materials), The Ceramic Society of Japan, Japan Foundry Engineering Society, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, The Japan Institute of Metals, Japanese Association for Crystal Growth Cooperation (JACG), Materials Research Society of Japan


Current Publications

Applications of High Magnetic Fields in Materials Processing, H.Yasuda, Magnetohydrodynamics, Historical Evolution and Trends, Series: Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, Vol. 80, Edited by S.Molokov, R.Moreau, H.K.Moffatt, 2007.8

Recent progress of EPM in steelmaking, casting, and solidification processing, H.Yasuda, T.Toh, K.Iwai, K.Morita, ISIJ International, 2007.4.

Effect of the melt flow on the solidified structure of middle carbon steel by means of the levitation method using alternating and static magnetic fields, H. Yasuda, T. Yoshimoto, T. Mizuguchi, Y. Tamura, T. Nagira amd M. Yoshiya, ISIJ International, 2007.4

Determination of strontium segregation in modified hypoeutectic Al Si alloy by micro X-ray fluorescence analysis, K.Nogita, H.Yasuda, K.Yoshida, K.Uesugi, A.Takeuchi, Y.Suzuki, A.K.Dahle, Scripta Materialia, 2006.4

Fabrication of Aligned Pores in Aluminum by Electrochemical Dissolution of Monotectic Alloys Solidified under a Magnetic Field, H.Yasuda, I.Ohnaka, S.Fujimoto, N.Takezawa,A.Tsuchiyama, T.Nakano, K.Uesugi, Scripta Materialia, 2006.4