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YASUDA Hiroyuki

Name YASUDA Hiroyuki
Affiliation Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering
[concurrent post] Center for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design
Job Title Associate Professor
E-mail E-mail
URL http://www.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/ja/department/pdf/21020208.pdf


Research Keywords

Electron-beam analysis

Research Themes

Deformation and microstructure of intermetallic compounds, New-type superelastic materials, High performance biomaterials, Phase transformation, recrystallization and grain growth

Academic Societies

The Japan Institute of Metals, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan


Current Publications

H.Y. Yasuda, M. Aoki and Y. Umakoshi: Effect of ordering process on pseudoelasticity in Fe3Ga single crystals, Acta Materialia, 55 [7] (2007) 2407-2415.

H.Y. Yasuda, T. Nakajima and Y. Umakoshi: Temperature dependence of pseudoelasticity in Fe3Al single crystals, Intermetallics, 15 [5-6] (2007) 819-823.

H.Y. Yasuda, K. Yamaoka, Y. Oda and Y. Umakoshi: Tension-compression asymmetry of pseudoelasticity in Fe-23.0at.%Al single crystals, Scripta Materialia, 59 [7] (2008) 738-741.

H.Y. Yasuda, Y. Oda, M. Aoki, K. Fukushima and Y. Umakoshi: Multimode pseudoelasticity in Fe-23.8at.%Ga single crystals with D03 structure, Intermetallics, 16 [11-12] (2008) 1298-1304.

H.Y. Yasuda and Y. Umakoshi: Pseudoelastic behaviour of Fe3Al single crystals with D03 structure, Intermetallics, 18 [7] (2010) 1273-1278.

H.Y. Yasuda, M. Kumano, T. Nagase, R. Kato and H. Shimizu: Tensile deformation behavior of Nd-Fe-B alloys, Scripta Materialia, 65 [8] (2011) 743-746.

H.Y. Yasuda, K. Shibata and Y. Umakoshi: Pseudoelasticity in pseudo-binary Fe3(Al1-xGax) single crystals, Intermetallics, 19 [12] (2011) 1786-1793.