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NAGASE Takeshi

Name NAGASE Takeshi
Affiliation Research Center for Ultra High Voltage Electron Microscopy
[concurrent post] Center for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design
Job Title Associate Professor
E-mail E-mail
URL http://www7.plala.or.jp/tnagase/main-E.htm


Research Keywords

Non-equilibrium materials, Materials Microstructure, Metallurgy, High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Research Themes

Phase stability and formation of non-equilibrium phase in metals (Amorphous alloys, metallic glasses, high entropy materials)
Phase diagram constructed by ab-initio calculation and high voltage electron microscopy (HVEM)
Development of new materials by use of rapid solidification and liquid phase separation

Academic Societies

Materials Research Society (MRS), The Japan Institute of Metals (JIM), The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ), The Japan Society of Microscopy (JSM), The Society of Materials Science (JSMS), Japan Foundry Engineering Society (JFS)


Current Publications

T. Nagase, T. Nakano. Y. Umakoshi and M. Niinomi: Mater Trans., 51, 377-380 (2010). Fabrication of Beta-Ti-Type Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr (TNTZ) Wire with Hjgh-Ductility by Arc-Melt-Type Melt-Extraction Method

T. Nagase, K. Takizawa, M. Wakeda, Y. Shibutani and Y. Umakoshi: Intermetallics, 18, 441-450 (2010)., Electron irradiation-induced solid-state amorphization caused by thermal relaxation of lattice defects

T. Nagase, A. Yokoyama and Y. Umakoshi: Scripta Mater., 63, 1020-1023 (2010)., In-situ TEM observation of glass-to-liquid transition of metallic glass in Fe-Zr-B-Cu alloy

T. Nagase, A. Sasaki, H. Y. Yasuda, H. Mori, T. Terai and T. Kakeshita: Intermetallics, 19, 1313-1318 (2011)., Stability of B2 phase in Ti-Ni-Fe alloys against MeV electron-irradiation-induced solid-state amorphization and martensite transformation

T. Nagase, T. Sanda, A. Nino, W. Qin, H. Yasuda, H. Mori, Y. Umakoshi, and J.A. Szpunar: J. of Non-Cryst. Solids, 358, 502-518 (2012)., MeV electron irradiation induced crystallization in metallic glasses: Atomic structure, crystallization mechanism and stability of an amorphous phase under the irradiation