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Organization Members
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■Name   Professor Kojiro Kobayashi (Age 60)
■Affiliation   Department of Manufacturing Science,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
■Supervising Area of
  Novel Processing for Structural Application and Functionation of Advanced Materials
■Research Plan   High Functionalization and High Reliablization by Control of Interface Organization in the Process of Practical Application of Advanced Structural and Functional Materials
Novel Processing for Structural Application and Functionation of Advanced Materials
March 1967
April 1969
September 1969
Octorber 1969
January 1978
December 1982
Nobember 1989
August 1999
  B. of Eng., Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
M. of Eng., Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Research Associate, Kyoto University
Visiting Researcher, University of Queensland
Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Professor, Osaka University
Visiting Professor, University of Toronto
■Affiliated Academic Societies   Japan Welding Society, The Japan Institute of Metals, The Society of Materials Science Japan, The Japan Institute of Light Metals, Japan Foundry Engineering Society, The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, Japan Light Metal Welding and Construction Association, Japan Copper and Brass Association、The Japan Welding Engineering Society
■Research Keywords   Materials processing,Laser,Microjoining, Surface modification,Interfacial control,Shoot,Welding, Joining, Materials development、Materials functionalization、Materials combination、Mechanical alloying
■Field of Specialization   Materials processing, Materials science
Awards   Meritorious Award, The Japan Institute of Metals 1986
Prize of Nishiyama Memorial, Iron and Steel Institute of Japan 1994
Achievement Award, Japan Welding Society 1999
Article Award of the Light Metal Structure Welding Association (2000)
Meritorious Award, The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection 2002
■Major Publications  
“Five-Fold Twinned Silicon Crystals Grown in an Al-Si Melt"
K.Kobayashi and L.M.Hogan:
PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE A, Vol.40 ,No.3(1979), pp.399〜407.
“Amorphous Formation Processes of Al-20mol% Cr Alloys by Mechanical Grinding of Equilibrium Intermetallic Compounds”
K. F. Kobayashi and H. Kawaguchi:
Journal of Materials Science, Vol.31(1996),pp.5821-5828.
“Thermal Fatigue Behaivior of Flip-chip Joints with Lead-free Solders”
Ikuo Shohji,Fuminari Mori and Kojiro F.Kobayashi:
Materials Transactions,Vol.42,No.5(2001),pp.790-793.
“A Numerical Approach for Predicting Laser Surface Annealing Process of Inconel 718 ”
Liufa Liu, Akio Hirose, Kojiro F. Kobayashi:
Acta Materialia No.50(2002),p.1331-1347..
Wear and Oxidation Resistance of Al2O3 Particle Dispersed Al3Ti Composite with a Nanostructure Prepared by Pulsed electric Current Sintering of Mechanically Alloyed Powders”,
Keisuke Uenishi, Toshio Matsubara, Tomohide Shibutani and Kojiro F. Kobayashi:
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