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Organization Members
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■Name   Professor Hideo Nakajima (Age 54)
■Affiliation   Division of Advanced Materials Science and Technology,
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
■Supervising Area of
  Research and Development of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, and Highly Functional Porous Materials
■Research Plan   Elucidation and Materials Development of Novel Physical Properties of Lotus Porous Metals
Research and Development of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, and Highly Functional Porous Materials
March 1971
  B.Eng.Fac.of Engineering, Tohoku University
March 1973   M.Eng.Dept.of Materials Science ,Grad.Sch, Tohoku University
March 1976   D.Eng.Dept.of Materials Science, Grad.Sch. Tokoku University
November 1976   Post Doctoral Associate, Physics, Rensseaer Polytechnic Institute,USA,
July 1979   Research Associate ,Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University
March 1989   Associate Professor, Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University
April 1992   Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Iwate University
October 1996   Professor, Institute of Scientific And Industrial Research, Osaka University
■Affiliated Academic Societies   Japan Institute of Metals, Iron and steel Institute of Japan, Japan Foundary Engineering Society, High Temperature Society, American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, TMS
■Research Keywords   Porous metals,Porous materials,Diffusion,Coagulation
■Field of Specialization   Metal science, Metal Processing
Awards   The Best Year’s Papers Award, the Japan Institute of Metals 1984
Award for research encouragement, Society of metal research support 1987
Outstanding Young Scientist Award, The Murakami Memorial Foundation 1988
The Jeffries Awards, the Japan Institute of Metals
The Meritorious Honor Award of Japan institute of Metals 1992
Best Paper Award of High Temperature Society 1999
2001 Kansai Venture Business Award 2000
■Major Publications  
1. S.K.Hyun and H.Nakajima,”Fabrication of porous iron by unidirectional solidification in nitrogen atmosphere”, Mater.Trans.43(2002),526-531.
T.Ichitsubo,M.Tane,H.Ogi,M.Hirao,T.Ikeda and H.Nakajima, “Anisotropic elastioc constants of lotus-type porous copper: measurements and micromechanics modeling”, Acta Mater. 50(2002),4105-4115.
T.Ikeda,H.Kadowaki and H.Nakajima, “Diffusion of 44Ti and 63Ni in TiAl single crystal”, Acta Mater.,49(2001),3475-3485.
S.K.Hyun,K.Murakami and H.Nakajima, “Anisotropic mechanical properties of porous copper fabricated by unidirectional solidification”,Mater.Sci.Eng.A299(2001),241-248.
H.Nakajima,M.Koiwa,Y.Minonishi and S.Ono, “Diffusion of cobalt in single crystal αtitanium”,Trans.Jpn.Inst.Met.,24(1983),655-660.
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