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TANAKA Toshihiro

Name TANAKA Toshihiro
Affiliation Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering
[concurrent post] Center for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design, Director
Job Title Professor
E-mail E-mail
URL http://www.mat.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/msp2/MSP2-HomeJ.htm


Research Keywords

Physical chemistry of materials

Research Themes

Physical Chemistry of Materials Surface, Evaluation of Surface Properties of Metals, Alloys and Inorganic Materials, Development of Materials Processing by applying Surface Phenomena

Academic Societies

Japan Socisty of Microgravity Application, The Japan Institute of Metals, The Japanese Association for Crystal Growth Cooperation, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties


Current Publications

M. Nakamoto, A. Kiyose, T. Tanaka, L. Holappa and M. Hamalainen :
Evaluation of the surface tension of ternary silicate melts containing Al2O3, CaO, FeO, MgO or MnO
ISIJ International, Vol.47, No.1, (2007), pp.38-43.

J. Lee, T. Tanaka, J. Lee and H. Mori :
Effect of substrates on the melting temperature of gold nanoparticles
Calphad, 31 (2007), pp.105-111.

M. Nakamoto, M. Hanao, T. Tanaka, M. Kawamoto, L. Holappa and M. Hamalainen :
Estimation of Surface Tension of Molten Silicates using Neural Network Computation
ISIJ International, Vol.47, No.8, (2007), pp.1075-1081.

N. Takahira, T. Yoshikawa, T. Tanaka and L. Holappa :
Wettability of Liquid In and Bi on Flat and Porous Solid Iron Substrate
Materials Transaction, 48(2007), 2708-2711.

N. Takahira, T. Yoshikawa, T. Tanaka and L. Holappa :
Unusual Wetting of Liquid Bismuth on a Surface-Porous Copper Substrate Fabricated by Oxidation-Reduction Process
Materials Transaction, 48(2007),pp.3126-3131.

T. Yoshikawa, S, Sato and T. Tanaka :
Fabrication of low temperature foaming glass materials using hydrothermal treatment
Materials Science Forum, Vols.561-565 (2007), pp.1673-1676.

S. Shimada, Y. Takada, J.Lee and T. Tanaka :
Trial to Evaluate Wettability of Liquid Zn with Steel Sheets Containing Si and Mn
ISIJ International, Vol.48, No.9, (2008), pp.1246-1250.

J-H. Lee, J-G. Park and T.Tanaka :
Effects of interaction parameters and melting points of pure metals on the phase diagrams of the binary alloy nanoparticle systems: A classical approach based on the regular solution model CALPHAD, Vol.33, No.2 (June), (2009), pp.377-381.

T. Tanaka, T. Yoshikawa, N. Hirai and S. Katsuyama :
Hydrothermal metallurgy for recycling of slag and glass
Journal of Physics: Conference Series Volume 165, (2009), p.012077

Fukuda, T. Yoshikawa and T. Tanaka :
A fundamental approach for the measurement of solid-liquid interfacial energy
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 165, (2009), p.012079

J-G Lee, J-H Lee, T. Tanaka and H. Mori :
In situ atomic-scale observation of melting point suppression in nanometer-sized gold particles
Nanotechnology, 20 (2009), 475706.

M. Suzuki and T. Tanaka :
Distribution and Coordination Sate of Titanium Oxides in Microstructures Formed by Spinodal Decomposition in Multicomponent Borosilicate Glass
ISIJ International, Vol. 50,No.4 (2010), pp.509-514.

T. Yoshikawa, S. Kawanishi and T. Tanaka :
Solution Growth of Silicon Carbide Using Fe-Si Solvent
Jpn. Journal of Applied Physics, 49 (2010). pp.051302-1-6.

T. Tanaka, Y. Ogiso, M. Ueda, and J-H Lee :
Trial on the Application of Capillary Phenomenon of Solid CaO to Desulfurization of liquid Fe
ISIJ International, Vol.50, No.8 (2010), pp.1071-1077.

T. Tanaka :
Prediction of Phase Diagrams in Nano-sized Binary Alloys
Materials Science Forum, Vol. 653 (2010), pp.55-75.