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Organization Members
Organization Members
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■Name   Professor Minoru Asada (Age 49)
■Affiliation   Department of Adaptive Machine Systems,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
■Supervising Area of
  Behavior Generation by Imitation Learning of Humanoid Robot
■Research Plan   Development of Artificial Skin for Humanoid Robot and Body Image Acquisition Learning Mechanism Behavior Generation by Imitation Learning of Humanoid Robot
March 1977
  B.Eng,Fac.of Engineering Science, Osaka University
March 1979   MEng.Dept. of Control Eng,Grad.Sch. of Engineering Science, Osaka University
March 1982   D.Eng.Dept. of Control Eng
April 1982   Research Assoc, Dept. Control Engineering, Fac. of Engineering Science, Osaka University
August 1986-October 1987   Visiting Scholar, Univerisity of Maryland
March 1988   Assistant Professor,Dept. of Mech. Eng, for Computer Conrtolled Machinery, Grad.Sch.of Engineering, Osaka University
April 1989   Associate Professor, Osaka University
April 1995   Professor, School of Engineering, Osaka University
April 1997   Professor,Dept of Adaptive Machine systems, Grad.Sch.of Engineering, Osaka University
■Affiliated Academic Societies   The Robotics Society of Japan, The Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers, Information Processing Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Instrument and control Engineers, The Institute of Systems Control and Information Engineers, The Japanese Society of Baby Science, IEEE R&A, CS, SMC societies, Robocup International Committee, Board of NPO Robocup National Committee Board
■Research Keywords   Learning, Reinforcement learning,Development, Vision
■Field of Specialization   Robotics
Awards   IPSJ SIG Research Award 1989 
IEEE/RSJ IROS'92 Best Paper Award 1992
RSJ Best Paper Award 1995 
Artificial Function Society Research Encouragement Award 1997
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award in the Robotics and Mechanotronic
Category 1999 
Minister of Education Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award,
Science and Technology Diffusion and Enlightment Achievement Citation
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award in the Robotics and Mechanotronics
Category 2001
■Major Publications  
M. Asada, S. Noda, S. Tawaratumida, and K. Hosoda. Purposive Behavior
Acquisition for a Real Robot by Vision-Based Reinforcement Learning.
Machine Learning, Vol.23, pp.279-303, 1996.
Minoru Asada, Shoichi Noda, and Koh Hosoda. Action Based Sensor Space
Segmentation For Soccer Robot Learning. Applied Artificial Intelligence, Vol.12,
No.2-3, pp.149-164, 1998.
M. Asada, E. Uchibe, and K. Hosoda. Cooperative behavior acquisition for mobile
robots in dynamically changing real worlds via vision-based reinforcement learning
and development. Artificial Intelligence, Vol.110, pp.275-292, 1999.
Kitano, H. and Asada, M.. The RoboCup Humanoid Challenge as the Millennium
Challenge for Advanced Robotics. Advanced Robotics, Vol.13, 723−736, 2000.
Minoru Asada, Karl F. MacDorman, Hiroshi Ishiguro, and Yasuo Kuniyoshi.
Cognitive Developmental Robotics As a New Paradigm for the Design of Humanoid
Robots. Robotics and Autonomous System, Vol.37, pp.185-193, 2001.
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