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Design and Application of
Structurally Advanced Materials
and Reliability Evaluation Project
Functional Device System
Integration Project to
Create Intelligent Artificial Objects
Design and Development
Project of Materials for
Biological Reconstruction
Organization Members
Organization Members
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■Name   Professor Yasuharu Shirai (Age 52)
■Affiliation   Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
■Supervising Area of
  Positron Annihilation Study of Defects in Advanced Materials
■Research Plan   Development of Artificial Skin for Humanoid Robot and Body Image Acquisition Learning Mechanism Behavior Generation by Imitation Learning of Humanoid Robot
March 1974
March 1976
March 1979
July 1980
April 1982
June 1990
February 1996
  B. of Engineering, Kyoto University
M. of Engineering, Kyoto University
D. of Engineering, Kyoto University
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Associate, Kyoto University
Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Professor, Osaka University
■Affiliated Academic Societies   Japan Institute of Metals
Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
The Physical Society of Japan
The Society of Material Science, Japan
Japan Radioisotope Association
Positron Science Research Association,
The Society for Discrete Variational Xa
■Research Keywords   Positron annihilation,Lattice defect,Functional materials,Structural materials
■Field of Specialization   Materials physicality,Materials function,Materials evaluation
■Major Publications  
「Nucleation process of stacking fault tetrahedra in gold studied by positron lifetime spectroscopy」Appl.Phys.A (1985)65-72.
「Resonance trapping of positrons」J.Phys.:Condensed Matter(1989)SA125-129.
「Studies of vacancies and dislocations in TiAl by positron annihilation」Materials Science and Engineering A(1992)173-181.
「Construction and performance of a slow positron beam guided by an increasing magnetic field」Applied Surface Science(1995)138-142.
「Physical Metallurgy and Processing of Intermetallic Compounds」Chapmann and Hall (1996) Shared authorship
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